Welcome to my website. My name is Matthew Evan Davis, and this page really exists as a placeholder to tell people a little about myself and provide links to the more substantive work I do online: my virtual archive of the minor works of the fifteenth-century poet John Lydgate and various visualizations I’ve done either to help me think through questions that lead to formal journal articles or as a means to critique what I see as an overemphasis on style over substance in the practice of the digital humanities.

I currently serve as a Postdoctoral Fellow with the Lewis and Ruth Sherman Centre for Digital Scholarship at McMaster University. Prior to this I was a Lindsey Young Visiting Faculty Fellow at the University of Tennessee's Marco Institute and served as the Council for Library and Information Resources/Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in Data Curation for Medieval Studies at North Carolina State University. While at North Carolina State I worked as part of the team on two similar projects — the Piers Plowman Electronic Archive and the Siege of Jerusalem Electronic Archive, as well the Manuscript DNA project and the Medieval Electronic Scholarly Alliance, an aggregator and discussion space for digital scholarly and cultural heritage work regarding the Middle Ages.

As time goes on, this site will serve to provide short, informal pieces that grow out of my work. The first of these -- my set of digital humanities axioms, is already available. Additionally, for lack of a better space this is the home of my visualization mapping the characters to the locations they speak from in the Digby Mary Magdalene play and the Castle of Perseverance. Linked here but residing at the Minor Works of Lydgate archive is a a force-directed model of Lydgate's poetic works in relation to each other and a 3d model of the Clopton chantry chapel at Holy Trinity, Long Melford. I will provide explanations of the code in the coming weeks as time permits. I have also put the text of the Digby Mary Magdalene online here, drawing from a database I use in my mapping of the play.

Outside of these informal writings, my more formal scholarly interests are largely in fifteenth and early-sixteenth century medieval drama, hagiography, cultural transmission through translation and reception, and the interplay between material and digital curation. Additionally, for those who are interested my CV may be seen here, and I may be contacted via email at .